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4th of July DUI Concerns
In Charleston, SC and surrounding areas (such as Folly Beach, Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island) there will most certainly be a step-up in DUI enforcement over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Local law enforcement agencies will be out in full-force to make sure our roads are safe from intoxicated drivers.
As seen by incidents in years past Folly Beach, Charleston, SC has become a desired location for people to come party during the holiday weekends. This is due to the lovely beaches, great weather, abundance of fireworks, and, up until recently, the ability to drink alcohol on the beach.
With alcohol on the beaches now banned on every beach in Charleston, SC people will have to seek alternative places to enjoy their alcohol. This could potentially mean more traffic on the roads and more chances for DUIs. DUIs are not the only offenses to be concerned about, as local police have indicated they will be handing out tickets for alcohol on the beach and open containers as well as tickets for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.
As long as you enjoy yourself responsibly there is little cause for concern. It’s not illegal to drink and drive in Charleston SC, but it is illegal to drive after becoming materially and appreciably impaired. If you find yourself with a ticket after all the dust settles this weekend, you should contact a DUI lawyer immediately to find out what your options are in fighting the charge.
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